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iProspect and Aegis: Pioneers of the Changing Media Realm


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 The digital marketing sphere is, and always was, set on a track for change.  As Rebecca Lieb notes;

“In the late 20th century, when the commercial internet was in its infancy, there was  no end to the griping about silos.  So ingrained was the silo grudge that no one, but no one, grew to understand silos better than the digitals. In a scant decade, more digital silos emerged than you can shake a stick at: Search. Email. Display. Social. Analytics. Online video. CGM. CRM. Targeting. Retargeting. Digital is, after all, highly technological and all these areas legitimately require high degrees of specialization. They still do, but now there’s a very compelling reason for digital to stop the Balkanization it so actively criticized just a few short years ago. The reason? Media are converging.”

In essence, online and offline user behaviour has necessitated that the channels of traditional marketing are being replicated online too. We are currently witnessing evolution of the older digital silos (SEO, Conversion etc.) to a more integrated one falling under the three traditional pillars; bought, owned and earned. In practical terms, three legs hold up a stool seat better than one or two.


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 In traditional media, your “earned” space was traditionally in the form of editorial, “owned” were your shop fronts and brochures, and “bought” were your traditional TV, print and radio ads. In terms of digital, Marketers continue to discuss them as if they are mutually exclusive media. They’re not.  And now technology is blurring the lines of paid, owned and earned media more than ever.  Paid can now also be social, as social is often about paid. Owned can have paid embedded media in it. And sometimes, all three can exist in one consumer touch point. This integration allows performance to be more tangible as marketing online allows for tracking and measurements, so brands can learn whether or not an integrated paid, owned, and earned media strategy has succeeded.


This forward thinking model of change has been adopted by iProspect South Africa and has affected the restructuring of teams within the company, as well as the processes of source to sale. As such, all teams now fall under either BOUGHT (PPC, display advertising), OWNED (websites, blogs, and other owned properties) or EARNED (SEO, social, eCRM). This affects how all of Aegis communicates and enables a greater sharing of expertise across all media companies. Using the analogy of a chameleon, bought, owned and earned (whether online or offline) now  merge into one interchangeable “marketing” being. The overlapping of services allows for a full service offering where we are able to adapt form and “color”, if you wish, more seamlessly according to client AND consumer needs.

Within the Aegis group structure there have been some changes too; now embodying a power house of full business solutions within one building. This “one-roof-group” scenario means there is no more outsourcing, but rather more sharing of resources and research in one place – a sure force to be reckoned with!

For more entertaining conversation on this topic, visit Biz Radio to hear Andre Wilkinson and Stuart Fairbairns discuss the changes in this digital landscape.

Until next time, keep engaging!

Kirsten Foster