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Multi-Channel Attribution… Possible or Not?


Doing the rounds last week at iProspect, was another article about “multi-channel attribution”. This seems to be the latest buzzword in both the media and online industry. While the article started off as deeply interesting, painting a picture of how one has many touch points with a brand before making a purchase and asking the relevant question of how one can attribute the sales the final touch point only; I found some points within the suggested method for solving the multi-channel attribution problem that goes against what we stand for at iProspect.

One such example is when the author quotes Rob Stagno as saying that, “Depending on the business, it’s better to be there badly than not be there”… I have to disagree. If something will not add value to your customer or your business, invest your money elsewhere. Any badly done media or online entity (such as a blog, app or facebook page) can negatively affect your brand.  I might be missing something but I have to make mention of Avinash Kaushick’s brilliant explanation of multi-channel attribution. He breaks it down into 3 types, all of which are referred to in conversations, and hence the confusion:

  1. Online to Store
  2. Across Multiple Screens (such as from mobile, tablet, laptop etc.)
  3. Across Digital Channels (such as Social, Display, Referrals, Email, Search, etc.)

The best part is that he is honest about what type of attribution is possible and what is not and doesn’t list a few theoretical steps that claim to magically solve the attribution problem! :)

Some kinds of mult-channel attribution is possible


So if you need to apply multi-channel attribution modelling to your business, consult us for clear, honest and measurable implementations –

Until next time, conversion matters!

Rafeeqah Mollagee,

Conversion Specialist