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Poison Ivy: More Than a Prescription for Misery


By Casey Williams | Associate Director, Health Sciences

As a reward for the yard work my boyfriend and I did two weeks ago, we both have robust cases of poison ivy. His case is far worse than mine, requiring a heavy duty prescription for steroids, but I certainly am not a happy camper. I’ve tried pretty much everything to get it to go away, including the standards like calamine, Caladryl, Cortizone-10, and Benadryl Anti-Itch; the old school (rubbing alcohol); the new -Tecnu (a wash/soap); the homeopathic – Epsom salt baths, oatmeal baths, and aloe straight from the plant; and the desperate – “Ibuprofen has got to help, right?”.

It seems as though I’m not alone in my suffering, though I’m a little early according to data from Google Insights (which shows relative search trends across time):



For example, during the kerfuffle over the royal wedding a few months ago, Papa Johns made a pizza portrait of William and Kate. They found a way to make themselves and their product relevant to the conversation that people were already having, and as a result got quite a bit of media attention. iProspectIn addition, online news sources linked to the Papa Johns website, helping their credibility. Right now, Papa Johns is in position one in organic search Google on the term “pizza delivery,” a term that costs $1.90 to $3.00 per click. With a little creative thinking, the Papa Johns team helped the bottom line of their business.

So – if you’re the webmaster on a health website or blog, right about now would be a good time to write some articles on poison ivy. If you’re not in the health industry, how can you make yourself relevant to what people care about this time of year? Some articles I foresee:

  • Poison Ivy Rashes & Sandals: Yay or Nay?
  • Poisonous Photo Competition
  • Poison Ivy & Climate Change
  • Economics of Poison Ivy

How can you make your business relevant to what people are thinking (and searching) about this summer?